Brain health research

The body of evidence about nuts and brain health continues to grow, with new local and international research papers regularly published. Key studies: systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses Nut consumption and cognitive function: a systematic review. (2019)Systematic review finds daily nut consumption in the context of a healthy diet has positive effects on the cognitive … Continue reading Brain health research

Webinar: Nuts, nutrients and better health

Missed out on our recent webinar? Dr. Elizabeth Neale, University of Wollongong presented the results of a recent re-analysis of the Australian Health Survey (AHS) data exploring the relationship of nut consumption vs. non-nut consumption on nutrient intakes and anthropometric data. Nutrition scientist, Dr. Flavia Fayet-Moore revealed the results of some exciting research about the … Continue reading Webinar: Nuts, nutrients and better health

Common nut myths

Here we take a look at some of the most common questions and answers about nuts and bust some of those myths.  Should you avoid nuts if you’re trying to lose weight? No, you don’t need to avoid nuts if you’re trying to lose weight. Eating a handful of nuts (30g) each day can actually … Continue reading Common nut myths

Nuts and health – what are their benefits and what makes them so healthy

Health authorities around the world recommend eating more plant foods for good health: good for the body and for the environment. Nuts are like nature’s own vitamin supplement – a small package containing a combination of at least 28 different essential nutrients. Regularly eating nuts has been shown to contribute to heart health, reduce overall … Continue reading Nuts and health – what are their benefits and what makes them so healthy

Nuts – A summary of their health effects

The health benefits of nuts have been established from decades of research. Evidence consistently shows that regular nut consumption is associated with good health. Being nutrient powerhouses packed with essential nutrients and bioactive substances, it’s no wonder that nuts are emerging as one of the most relevant foods for optimal health.

Nuts and brain health

Nuts have been associated with many improvements in brain health, including better cognitive function, learning, memory and mood.  Based on current available evidence, eating nuts regularly is good for your brain. Nut consumption is linked to better cognitive function, improvements in mood, enhanced memory, learning and attention capacity. Nuts contain polyunsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals … Continue reading Nuts and brain health

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