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Literature reviews & summaries

PREDIMED: A five year Mediterranean and mixed nuts diet study from Spain – summary of the published literature (Updated March 2017)

This long term study of 7500 people in 16 centres in Spain, followed for nearly five years, found eating a Mediterranean diet with a 30g handful of nuts a day improves Heart Disease, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, Weight and Brain function. To date these PREDIMED study groups have published some 230 journal papers in peer reviewed journals and we have summarised those related to nut consumption here.

Nuts and Heart Health : A Summary Of The Evidence

This report is a summary of the latest evidence on nuts and the important role they play in cardiovascular HEALTH. It incorporates a summary of a new systematic literature review of just over 100 studies conducted by academics from Landmark Nutrition and the University of Wollongong’s Smart Food Centre, the findings support a general level health claim that daily nut consumption, as part of a healthy, varied diet, contributes to HEART HEALTH.

The Nut Report: The Big Fat Myth

Nuts and The Big Fat Myth considers evidence spanning the last 24 years on nuts and their impact on weight – including weight management in diets designed to achieve other outcomes, such as lowering cholesterol or stabilising blood glucose.