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April 2019 – Five reasons to go nuts this winter

Snacking on a handful of nuts a day could help you avoid the unwanted kilo creep this winter. Nuts for Life dietitian, Belinda Neville, says snacking on nutrient-rich nuts is a great and easy way to combat unhealthy eating habits that often arise as the weather turns cold.

March 2017 – The Rise of the Good Fat diet

International and Australian nutrition experts will share the latest science, including new Australian data, from groundbreaking Mediterranean diet studies that are literally changing the way the world eats.

February 2017 – Latest Research: Nuts Help Lose Belly Fat And Live Longer

Here are five of the latest scientific studies showing just how eating nuts can improve your health from losing belly fat to helping you eat healthier and live longer. They also make five great reasons to take part in the #nuts30days30ways challenge and eat a 30g handful of nuts every day for the month of March.

December 2016 – Join Libby Babet And Take On A Nutty Challenge This March

Aussies are being urged to go nuts this March and nosh on a handful of nuts a day as part of the #nuts30days30ways challenge.

December 2016 – Research Update: Studies Show Nuts Help Lose Belly FAT

Here is the latest research on nuts and their importance to our health to give you even more good reason to
take part in the #nuts30days30ways challenge and eat a 30g handful of nuts every day this March.

June 2016 – Research round up: Three more reasons to enjoy a daily handful of nuts

New research1 from China has uncovered a link between eating tree nuts and reducing depression symptoms.

May 2016 – Australians still not eating enough nuts

Today the Australian Bureau of Statistics released its food group analysis of the Australian Health Survey.

May 2016 – Are nuts one of the secrets to a healthy gut microbiome?


Preliminary research suggests nuts could be good for gut health, which adds to the large body of evidence on how nuts improve health and wellbeing.

March 2016 – Kicking off the #nuts30days30ways campaign this March

Australians are encouraged to go nuts this March and take the #nuts30days30ways challenge to help boost our daily nut consumption for better health.

March 2016 – Latest Research

Five new reasons why you should enjoy a healthy handful of nuts every day.

29 Feb 2016 Winners Of The Inaugural Storehouse Nuts For Life Excellence Awards

Storehouse, an online blogger directory of over 100 qualified nutrition professionals, has today announced the winners of its inaugural Storehouse Nuts for Life Excellence Awards for 2015.

24 November 2015 – New Research Shows Tree Nuts Reduce Lifestyle Diseases

Seven new research studies on the health effects of tree nut consumption released this month show there is a strong link between tree nuts and a reduced risk of lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

There is an infographic which accompanies this media release, click here to downlaod

11 September 2015 – Australian nut industry achieves record $1.2 billion at farm gate and $1 billion in export earnings

This next phase of expansion of the industry is not without its challenges, ANIC reports. To continue to be globally competitive, we must continue to invest in research and development into advanced production systems, educate and keep the consumer excited about our product and continue to develop our export markets.

25th May 2015 – Media Release New Australian Research Confirms Links Between Nuts Consumption And Heart Health

High quality scientific evidence confirms regular nut consumption is associated with a reduced risk of death from heart disease and a reduction in heart disease risk factors, according to a new Australian review of more than 100 studies spanning 20 years.

25th May 2015 – Media Release: Nuts And Health – The Latest Research

Nuts Linked To 40% Reduced Risk of Death from Heart Disease A meta-­‐analysis, published in the American Journal
of Clinical Nutrition, found eating a handful of nuts a day reduced the risk of death from all-­causes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

International Expert Presents Strong Evidence Challenging Misconceptions About Nuts and Weight

The evidence that challenges common misconceptions about nuts and weight will be presented by an
international nutrition expert at tonight’s opening of the Dietitians Association of Australian (DAA) 32nd National
Conference in Perth (13-16 May).

3 March 2015 Media Release – New online blogger directory provides one-stop shop for credible nutrition information

Storehouse, an online blogger directory of nutrition professionals, has launched today in an Australian-first, providing a hub for nutrition information and advice.

2 Dec 2014 Media Release – Health Conscious Shoppers Go Nuts

Australians have literally gone nuts with new data showing we have eaten an extra 6,000 tonnes of nuts in the past year, boosting domestic demand by 12 per cent.

30 Sept 2014 Media Release – Nuts: Food ForThought, New Scientific Review

A new Australian scientific review of more than 70 studies has found that a daily handful(30g) of nuts may improve cognitive performance, which includes mental processes such as memory, problem solving and decision-making.

30 July 2014 Media Release – Tree Nuts Attract Major Star Power


Tree nuts are stand out stars when ranked by the new Health Star Rating system, with nut industry groups predicting an increase in the use of tree nuts by food manufacturers looking for ingredients that add extra star power.

July 2014 Media Release – Have You Had Your Healthy Handful Today?

Just 30g of nuts a day, around a handful, can help you meet your daily nutrient needs1 and maintain your health.2-8 In fact, science shows eating a handful of nuts five or more times a week can lower your risk of heart disease by 30-50%, reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by around 25%, assist in managing your weight and reduce your risk of death from all causes by 20%.

July 2014 Media Release – Research Update: More Reasons To Eat A Handful of Nuts Daily

New US research published in the JAMA Pediatric journal (Feb 2014) continues to build on the evidence that mums-­to-­be who eat nuts during pregnancy could reduce their child’s risk of having a nut allergy.

Latest Research: More Reasons To Eat A Handful of Nuts Daily

New Research from Washington University, US, has found what women eat as teenagers could impact their risk of developing breast cancer later in life.

9 May 2014 Media Release – New ABS Data Shows Aussies Still Not Eating Enough Nuts

New data released today from the ABS Australian Health Survey shows that while Australians are eating around 60% more nuts – up from 3.3 grams a day in the 1995 National Nutrition Survey to 5.2grams a day – consumption is still a long way short of the recommended 30 grams a day.

April 2014 Australians Urged to Grab A Healthy Handful Daily

Nuts for Life, Australia’s leading nutrition authority on tree nuts, has launched a new logo device to help remind people of the health benefits of regular nut consumption.

April 2014 Time For Women To Go Nuts – The Latest Health Research

The latest scientific research continues to reinforce the health benefits for women of a daily handful of nuts and
yet the vast majority are missing out on the benefits.

April 2014 Research Update: More Reasons To Eat A Handful of Nuts Daily

New US research published in the JAMA Pediatric journal (Feb 2014) continues to build on the evidence that mums-­‐to-­‐be who eat nuts during pregnancy could reduce their child’s risk of having a nut allergy.1

February 2014 A Healthy Handful: The Latest Research

Each year a significant number of new research papers are published that continue to build on the body of science supporting the health benefits of eating a handful (30g) of nuts a day. Below are summaries of some of the latest nutty research.

February 2014 A Healthy Handful: The Latest Research

New research has uncovered the prebiotic potential of nuts, showing that two handfuls of almonds a day can promote the growth of good gut bacteria while also inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria.

December 2013 Three New Studies Link Tree Nuts and Risk Reduction of Lifestyle Diseases

Three new studies that link eating a daily handful or two of nuts with reduced risk factors for diabetes and heart disease will be presented by study author and world renowned nutrition researcher Dr Cyril Kendall, on Thursday at the World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne (Dec 3-6).

February 2013 Media Release – PREDIMED Final Results

A Mediterranean diet including nuts reduces the risk of cardiovascular events by 28% (P=0.03) and in particular the risk of stroke by 46% (P=0.006) when compared to a control diet, according to new findings by one of the world’s largest and longest dietary intervention studies.

February 2013 – New Dietary Guidelines – Nuts on List of Top 5 Eat More Foods

Australian adults will need to increase their nut consumption by 350% to meet the recommended daily intake identified in the dietary modeling that underpins the new Australian Dietary Guidelines. The guidelines establish recommendations for the types and amounts of food to consume for good health and chronic disease prevention.

November 2012 Media-Release – New Health Report – A Big Fat Diet Myth Busted by 20 Years of Research

One of Australia’s biggest diet myths – eating nuts makes you fat – has been busted by a new health report that for the first time reviews the past 20 years of scientific research on nuts and weight. The 2012 Nut Report: Nuts and the Big Fat Myth reveals that the diet myth is so engrained in the Australian psyche it’s the number one reason 98% of Australian don’t eat the recommended 30g handful of nuts a day.

September 2012 Media Release – International Experts Urge Far-Phobic Australians to Go Nuts

International diet experts are urging fat-phobic Australians to stop kilojoule counting and adopt a high-fat diet to combat the nation’s most chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and heart disease.

June 2012 Media Release – A Handful of Pistachios a Day Keeps Stress at Bay

New US Research published in the American Heart Association Journal Hypertension is the first to show that including both salted and unsalted pistachios in a healthy diet helps reduce blood pressure and lessen the vascular work load on the heart.

April 2012 Media Release – Australian Tree Nut Industry Set To Crack $1 Billion In Value

The Australian tree nut industry is set to double its worth and crack $1 billion in farmgate value with exports to exceed $750 million within eight years, according to an industry report.

March 2012 Media Release – Go Nuts for Health – The Latest Research

Nuts are packed full of beneficial nutrients for good health, including a broad range of important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemica

Nov 2011 Media Release – Nuts Boost Serotonin

New research has revealed the first evidence of a link between eating nuts and higher levels of serotonin – a substance that reduces feelings of hunger and improves heart health – prompting researchers to recommend nuts to people fighting Metabolic Syndrome.

June 2011 Media Release – Let nuts warm your heart this winter

Did you know that the risk of heart disease is likely to be higher now than it was in Summer? The rates of heart attack and stroke deaths in Australia dramatically increase in Winter. In recent years, nuts have received special attention because of their potential role in preventing cardiovascular disease.

April 2011 Media Release – Nuts to you Diabesity

With Diabetes Awareness Week (10-16 July) just around the corner, it’s valuable to understand how a simple handful of nuts each day may not only aid weight management but also reduce the risk of diabetes and help in its treatment.

April 2011 Media release – It’s good to go NUTS when you’re pregnant!

During pregnancy, your body’s need for many essential nutrients significantly increases, calling for a diet that is nutritious to help keep you and your developing baby fighting fit.

Nuts, in all their forms, are highly nutritious, providing protein, fibre, essential fats and plenty of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, iron, zinc and calcium. Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts are like nature’s own vitamin pill, all packed full of beneficial nutrients needed for good health.

Feb 2011 Media Release – Nuts: Nature’s every day gluten free snack food

While a gluten free lifestyle may initially seem overwhelming, becoming ingredient conscious will ensure those with the condition can make the best choices in the supermarket keeping taste buds happy without compromising nutrient intake. All tree nuts are naturally gluten free, opening up a delicious and nutritious new world for people following a gluten free diet.

November 2010 Media Release – Give the gift of nuts this festive season

Nuts are not only nutritionally powerful and worth their weight in gold, they’re extremely tasty and versatile, making them the perfect addition to any snack or dish that’s destined to be devoured by hungry appetites this festive season.

While chocolate is traditionally a Christmas gift giving favourite, nuts make a delicious, healthier and more versatile alternative.

August 2010 Media Release – Nuts: an essential part of your vegetarian diet

Several studies have shown that those who follow a healthy vegetarian diet are less likely to develop obesity, heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

But, one of the big concerns for many vegetarians is how to get adequate levels of the essential protein and micronutrients found in animal based foods without needing a whole cabinet of mulitvitamins.

June 2010 Media Release – Food labels and NUT-rition – reading between the lines

Many consumers have difficulty understanding and using the information on food labels to guide their food choices. Consumers need to interpret food labels correctly in the context of their individual lifestyle and dietary and health needs. Choosing foods wisely is made easier with Nuts for Life’s Top Five Tips for demystifying food labels.

April 2010 Media Release – Healthy Eating Plan

Many dieters following traditional weight loss diets avoid or exclude certain high fat foods to reduce their kilojoule intake in the belief that those foods contribute to weight gain. Unfortunately this can often be at the expense of reducing key nutrients by removing foods containing healthy fats such as nuts, avocado and vegetable oils.

Nuts – almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts are high in healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (ranging from 49% to 76% total fat, with the exception of chestnuts which contain only 0.6% total fat) but are also packed full of valuable vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and antioxidants.

March 2010 Media Release – Health Heart and Healthy Body

While adults should eat at least two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables every day, most Australians only eat half the amount of fruit and vegetables recommended to stay healthy.

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables contributes to good health by protecting you against a number of diseases and helping maintain a healthy weight. But going that extra step to include a handful of nuts to this 2 + 5 mantra can help promote a healthy heart.

Feb 2010 Media Release – You CAN have your gluten free cake and eat it too

Tree nuts not only have a range of great health benefits but they are naturally gluten free, making them the ideal snack or food ingredient for the one in every 100 Australians that are gluten intolerant.

Nov 2009 Media release – Nuts the new Superfood

Move over cranberries, blueberries and broccoli there’s a new Superfood in town – nuts.

Nuts, especially pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts have a high antioxidant capacity (as measured by their total oxygen radical absorbance capacity or ORAC level) and are comparable, even superior to many known ‘superfoods’.

Sept 2009 Media Release – Nuts and Weight Management

More and more evidence is indicating that eating nuts regularly is unlikely to cause weight gain. In fact there is an increasing volume of research that suggests eating nuts regularly (30-60g/day) as part of a moderate fat, kilojoule controlled diet can in fact help to manage weight.

August 2009 Media Release – Nuts: not only good for hearts but eyes and gut too

Scientific research has found that eating a handful of nuts each day can halve your risk of developing heart disease, lower blood cholesterol, help control weight and act as a preventative measure against Type 2 diabetes. But further research into nature’s own vitamin pills has found nuts to even benefit lesser known health conditions such as eye health, gallstones and gut health.

July 2009 Media Release – Nuts are an important element to a Mediterranean diet

It is widely recognised by nutritionists and researchers around the world that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best for your health and weight. But what is it about this diet that is so good for you?

July 2009 Media Release – Nuts benefit those with Type 2 Diabetes

While people with diabetes have twice the risk of heart disease over those without diabetes, the health benefits from eating nuts go well beyond the known cardiovascular health effects. Here’s an update on the latest research from around the world which is uncovering more about the importance of nuts for those living with or at risk of diabetes.

June 2009 Media Release – Nuts: Nature’s own vitamin pill, no matter the age

Nuts are jam packed with natural goodness. Nature’s own vitamin pill, nuts can be highly beneficial to your health, no matter your age.

April 2009 Media Release – It’s all in a handful – unlock a tasty secret to a healthy balanced diet

Including nuts in your diet is as easy as eating a handful of nuts most days, and it’s as important as ensuring you eat 2 serves of fruit and 5 vegetables daily.

April 2009 Media Release – Boost your metabolic health with nuts

Nuts are not only an energy dense food, but nutrient dense too – rich in nutrients and other bioactives such as antioxidants with important metabolic benefits. Here’s how nuts can help combat the various health conditions linked with the Metabolic Syndrome.

February 2009 Media Release – Nuts Key to Healthy Weight Management

Because nuts contain significant amounts of fat (largely the ‘good’ unsaturated type) and are energy dense, many people trying to manage their weight avoid eating them altogether. But studies have actually found that nuts can help to satisfy hunger for longer, meaning you actually eat less.

February 2009 Media Release – Healthy hearts for life

Studies show that enjoying a handful of nuts (30g) five to seven times a week can halve your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

January 2009 Media Release – Know your fats

Unhealthy saturated fats vs healthy unsaturated fats – can you spot the difference? It’s the Power of Un

Nov 2008 Media Release – Going nuts on Christmas

Christmas can be one of the biggest times of year for family, friends, and your waistline! Why not go nuts this Christmas, substitute some indulgent Christmas treats with tasty, healthy nuts and spend New Years feeling great?

June 2008 Media Release – International Nut Research

Research from around the world continues to demonstrate that nuts provide important health advantages.
International research investigating the health benefits of tree nuts, including almonds, Brazil nuts and macadamias supports the Australian nut industry’s message that it’s vital to eat a handful of nuts most days a week.

March 2008 Media Release – The role of nuts in weight management

Cravings at work can have you throwing all of your good intentions out the window.
But did you know that eating just a handful of nuts each day can help to curb those afternoon hunger cravings?

February 2008 Media Release – Share the Gift of Good Health this Mothers Day

There’s no better way to show your mum just how much you care, than giving her the heartiest gift this Mothers Day.
With the Heart Foundation’s Heart Week and Mothers Day taking place in May, all caring sons and daughters should give the gift of good health this year.

October 2007 Media release – Go Nuts on Australia Day!

Go nuts on Australia Day
Australia Day is our big day to celebrate Australian traditions – and enjoy the influence of so many cultures and culinary delights that make Australia what it is.

October 2007 Media Release – Give a Handful of Love this Valentine’s Day

Give a handful of love this Valentine’s Day
With research indicating that just a handful of mixed nuts each day can significantly reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, the Nuts for Life program encourages sweethearts to give from the heart, for the heart, this Valentine’s Day.

October 2007 Media release – Festive Entertaining

Go nuts this festive season!
While we all enjoy the eating, drinking and entertaining associated with the Christmas and New Year period, the ‘silly season’ is often a time that leaves even the best of us feeling a little sluggish.

May 2007 Media release

Nuts or supplements for all your nutritional needs?
Changes to Australia’s Recommended Dietary Intakes (RDIs) for nutrients has seen the requirement for a number of nutrients increase, which begs the question: can we meet all our nutritional needs naturally through our diet or are supplements necessary

June 2007 Media Release

More great news about nuts from around the globe!
Canadian researchers have shown that in addition to lowering blood cholesterol levels, raw almonds – when eaten with carbohydrate foods – may also slow the rise in corresponding blood glucose levels[1], which is another potential benefit to heart health. The effect may be due to almonds high monounsaturated fat content, vegetable protein, fibre and antioxidant content.

April 2007 Media Release

Nuts get to the heart of the matter.
We all know that enjoying a handful of nuts regularly does wonders for your heart. But just how easy is it to incorporate nuts into our daily diets?

March 2007 Media Release

Free Yoga in the City!
Nuts for Life is delighted to invite you to take a break from your “nutty” hectic life and come and join the Nuts for Life Yoga experience

February 2007 Media Release

New Report affirms link between nuts and healthy hearts.
A review by Australian nutrition experts, published in the international journal Current Opinion in Lipidology provides further support for the heart health benefits derived from regularly eating nuts.

January 2007 Media Release

More and more Australians get the message and celebrate nuts
This Australia Day, wake up, fly the flag and mark the nation’s birthday by tucking into a handful of nuts.

Nut Industry Statistics release 25th Sept 2006

Media release outlining the major growth in the AustraianTree Nut Industry over the last four years.

June 2005 consumer media release

Tree nuts – heroes in a half shell!