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NutENews (Sep 2015)

Welcome to NutENews – particularly all the new health professionals who signed up at recent conference events – we hope you enjoy reading our quarterly enewsletter.

NutENews (June 2015)

We have had a mad media month in May with two major activities showcasing the benefits of nuts for heart health and weight management. I’d like to share these with you here so ……like always…… have a read while you’re nibbling on your daily handful of nuts…..

NutENews (Mar 2015)

For some time I have been consciously aware when reading about nuts in print and online media that, while all agree nuts are healthy, there is always a nut portion caution statement at the end of the articles. So for NutENews this month I explore if this portion caution is really necessary.

NutENews (Feb 2015)

Nuts for Life is proud to announce the launch of Storehouse, an online blogger directory of qualified nutrition professionals, providing a hub for nutrition information and advice.

NutENews (Dec 2014)

For our final NutENews for the year we would like to share with you our delicious Christmas feast recipes – naturally all containing nuts.

Thank you for your continued support of Nuts for Life and the members of the Australian Tree Nut Industry – growers, importers, processors, packers and retailers.

NutENews (Nov 2014)

What an interesting year we’ve had diet-wise. Fads a plenty – paleo, sugar free, gluten free and in a year of comic book heroes on the big and small screen we have our own superhero Activated Nuts and its villian the “Anti-nutrient” Phytate.

Let’s dispell the myths, uncover the truth and shine some light on these fads.

NutENews (Dec 2013 )

2013 has been a great year for Nuts for Life – we celebrated our 10th Anniversary – 10 years of championing NUTrition. There has been so much positive research shared about the health benefits of nuts this year and another great study published in the New England Journal of Medicine is outlined below – nut eaters live longer!

NutENews (May 2013 )

The Australian Dietary Guidelines – based on an analysis of more than 55,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers and supported by comprehensive dietary modelling – establish recommendations for the types and amounts of food to consume for good health and chronic disease prevention.

NutENews (Dec 2012)

‘Tis the season to be baking and I hope, like me, you are enjoying messing up the kitchen with flour, spice, dried fruit and of course nuts! Below is one of our favourite Christmas cake recipes we hope you’ll enjoy.

‘Tis also the season for parties when overindulging can be overcome with mastering your New Year’s resolutions. If getting healthy and managing your weight is your goal in 2013 you may be interested in our new Nut Report – Nuts and the Big Fat Myth. This report reviews the role that nuts – yes a high fat food – can play in weight management. A summary of the findings is below.

NutENews (August 2012)

Welcome to a condensed issue of NutENews this month as we at Nuts for Life are busy preparing for the International Congress of Dietetics 5-8th Sept. It’s the first time this event has been in Sydney since 1977 and over 2000 dietitians are coming to Sydney from all over the world. So if you are attending ICD2012 read below for more information on our activities.

NutENews (June 2012)

Welcome to the latest issue of NutENews where this time we explore the effect of roasting on nuts. With the cooler weather, roasting nuts at home is easy. Pop them in a single layer on a slide in a preheated oven (125 degrees C) for 15-20 minutes, turning them over periodically with a spoon, until golden brown. Smaller nuts may not take as long as larger nuts. Alternatively shake them in a heated fry pan or wok. Roasting brings out the volatile oils enhancing the flavour and aroma compounds – for more read on.

NutENews (March 2012)

February to April is nut harvest time for many nuts including almonds, chestnuts, macadamias, pecans, pistachios and walnuts so it’s a busy time for our growers in their orchards. The Chair of Nuts for Life, Chris Joyce, is a pistachio grower and has just returned from pistachios harvest.

Our focus for this issue of NutENews is the fat and energy content of nuts and hoe despite the fat and energy content nuts can help with weight management.

NutENews (December 2011)

We love the festive season at Nuts for Life! Nuts have always played a role in my family Christmas celebrations – as a child we would sit around my Nana’s Christmas table soon after arriving and crack open whole nuts from a big bowl – a tradition we continue today. NutENews is changing slightly – from now on we will focus on one research paper and put this into context of the big NUTTY picture and we begin with Metabolomics – great word, read more on this below.

NutENews (June 2011)

As 30 June creeps closer and closer, many of us are running ourselves ragged to complete work prior to the end of the 2011 financial year. These are the easiest times to slip into unhealthy lifestyle habits, especially with the cold weather out there. Remember, nuts are great way to revitalise body and mind. I hope you enjoy this edition of NutENews.

NutENews (May 2011)

Don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s getting cold here in Sydney. With winter nearly upon us, it’s time to pull out those healthy, winter warming recipes just like the Moroccan Meatball Recipe with Pistachios we have included within. Nuts are the perfect addition to any stew, pasta or soup recipe, so don’t forget about this healthy little flavour kick which will also help to keep away those winter kilos. So, cuddle up, keep warm and try and avoid those winter blues!

NutENews (March 2011)

Thank you to all who completed our NutENews reader survey. We’re happy to see that we are meeting 100% of your expectations each issue. But with your great ideas we look forward to bringing you a more informative and enjoyable newsletter in 2011. Congratulations to Julie Lee from Sydney for completing the 2011 readers survey. She has won a delicious hamper full of a wide variety of nuts.

NutENews (December 2010)

Season’s Greetings from all at Nuts for Life, we wish you all a healthy and happy new year. Remember give the gift of nuts this festive season, your family and friends will love you for it! We hope you continue to find NutENews informative and interesting, and we would love to hear your feedback. Answer this quick survey and you will go in to the draw to win a delicious hamper full of a wide variety of nuts!

NutENews (August 2010)

From all at Nuts for Life, we hope you’re preparing yourself for a wonderful Spring ahead and enjoy reading about the latest research and nutrition information on tree nuts. Make sure you take advantage of our recipes and tips.

NutENews (June 2010)

With the colourful leaves of autumn behind us, keep the colours alive in your home with a gorgeous bowl of nuts. From all at Nuts for Life, we hope you stay warm this winter and enjoy reading about the latest research and nutrition information on tree nuts. A special welcome also to our new NutENews subscribers from GPCE Sydney.

NutENews (April 2010)

Welcome to the latest edition of NutENews where the plant sterol content of nuts is explored and once again walnuts are shown to improve blood fat profiles. From all at Nuts for Life we hope you all enjoyed the Easter holidays and if you’re tired of the sweet flavour of chocolate, don’t forget to balance it out with a little savoury nuts!

NutENews (January 2010)

Welcome to the first issue of NutENews for 2010. From all at Nuts for Life, we hope you enjoyed the festive season and are looking forward to the year ahead. We trust you will find the following information of interest.

NutENews Issue 4 (September 2009)

Welcome to NutENews. Read on to find out more about recent meta-analyses examining the effect of specific nut varieties on blood lipid profiles, an update from the 2009 Australian Nut Industry Conference and more.

NutENews Issue 3 (July 2009)

Welcome to NutENews. Enjoying a handful of nuts is a great way to curb those winter hunger cravings. They help keep you full and satisfied, and taste great straight from the oven! From all at Nuts for Life, we hope you enjoy reading about the latest research, data and nutritional information on tree nuts.

NutENews Issue 2 (May 2009)

Welcome to NutENews. We hope you enjoyed the last edition. We welcome all comments and suggestions.

NutENews Issue 1 (February 2009)

A tasty morsel designed to keep you informed about the latest research, nutritional information and delicious tips for eating tree nuts.