Yes. Nuts are on the ‘must eat’ food list if you want to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Studies show eating a daily handful of nuts (about 30g) can significantly reduce the risk of developing heart disease by up to around 40% [1, 2]. Even people who only eat nuts once a week have less heart disease than those who never eat nuts [3].

The association between nuts and a reduced risk of heart disease was established decades ago following the publication of four large population studies [3-6]. Since then, the evidence has continued to support and strengthen the evidence for nuts [2, 7, 8]. 

There are several ways that nuts are believed to reduce the risk of heart disease:

  • Fatty acids: nuts contain mainly poly- and monounsaturated fats, which have been shown to help reduce total and LDL cholesterol. 
  • Phytosterols: nuts contain phytosterols which also reduce cholesterol.
  • Amino acids: these are involved in the prevention of blood clots and in helping to keep the arteries ‘elastic’.
  • Phytochemicals: nuts contain many ‘phyto’ or plant chemicals, including vitamins and minerals which act as antioxidants, helping to keep the heart and blood vessels healthy.
  • Fibre: fibre can help reduce cholesterol.


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