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Enjoy a healthy handful of nuts every day.

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It’s Diabetes Week, and we’re talking diabetes-friendly power food pairings (with nuts, of course)!

When nuts are paired with foods rich in carbs, they slow the digestion of the entire meal or snack (thanks to their plant protein, fibre, and healthy fats!) ⭐️

In this way, nuts help even out blood glucose levels after eating – whether you have diabetes or not. 

Dietitian-recommended pairings to help manage blood glucose levels: 
• Sprinkle chopped nuts over mushrooms or avocado on toast
• Combine nuts with in-season fruit and yoghurt for brekkie
• Use roasted nuts as a crunchy addition to any kind of salad
• Bring some ‘satay’ to a chicken and salad wrap with nut butter 
• Incorporate nuts into any stir-fry, curry or risotto dish 
• Serve your favourite nuts as part of a weekend fruit and cheese platter.

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This National Diabetes Week (14-20 July), challenge yourself to snack on a handful - that’s around 30g, of nuts each day! 🌰🥜

Why 🤔? Research shows that regularly eating nuts can help manage diabetes and reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications, such as heart disease. 

And nuts also have a role in helping to prevent type 2 diabetes.

In fact, a large review study, published just last year, found eating a handful of nuts four times a week, reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 13%. 

Want to learn more? See the link in our bio ☝️.

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Today is World Environment Day. This year’s focus is on protecting the land on which we live. 

We all play a role in helping to keep the Earth’s soil healthy and productive. 

One simple step we can all do, as individuals, is to collect food waste to use as compost. A sure-fire way to improve soil health! 🌱

And on a larger scale, a well-established practice among Australian nut growers is to reuse organic matter, like nut shells, husks, roots and prunings, as mulch to improve soil health in orchards and fields. 

Did you know? As perennial crops, nut trees provide year-round soil coverage, which helps protect against soil degradation and erosion. 

Check out our website to learn more about nuts and sustainability. 

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