June 2022.

About this episode:

Nutrition is a crucial foundation for performance. It underpins everything from preparation via fuelling and hydration, to recovery – and also plays a key role in injury prevention, sleep and mental performance.

But are nuts good for sports and fitness? And if you’re exercising, should you eat them before, during or after exercise?

We speak with Accredited Sports Dietitian Emilie Burgess for a deep dive into the nutrition pillars that underpin performance. She explains the key nutrients which assist in supporting our ability to train and perform at our best, and dispels some common performance myths.   

About today’s guest:

Emilie Burgess is an Accredited Sports Dietitian with more than 10 years’ experience in the performance nutrition landscape. Graduating from the University of Sydney in 2007, Emilie went on to complete a Diploma of Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic committee.

She is co-director and performance dietitian at The Athlete’s Kitchen. Based in Tasmania, she consults to Cricket Tasmania, Tennis Tasmania and Netball Tasmania, as well as working in private practice.

Emilie Burgess - Nuts and fitness
Emilie Burgess

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