May 2024.

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About this episode

Looking for new and exciting ways to eat the target 30g handful of nuts each day? Don your apron for a culinary adventure!

In this podcast episode, dietitian Themis Chryssidis shares less of the ‘why’ (because we already know that nuts are really good for us!) and more of the ‘how’ when it comes to incorporating nuts into everyday meals and snacks.

From home-made nut butters and nut ‘mince’, to inspiring flavour pairings with nuts . . . we discuss interesting and creative ways to eat these tiny nutrition powerhouses.

About today’s guest

Themis Chryssidis is the Managing Director and dietitian at Sprout Food Group, a 100% hands-on cooking school based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Themis is a media spokesperson for Dietitians Australia, and a regular contributor to SA Life Magazine, ACH Group, 9Coach and Health Partners.

He is a dedicated and passionate dietitian who promotes healthy, nutritious and delicious eating through practical advice. When Themis is not at Sprout, you’ll find him cooking, eating, drinking wine, or playing or watching some kind of sport!

Themis Chryssidis APD

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