Our new, easy-to-digest summary report outlines the research to date on nuts and body weight, for a health professional audience. Understanding the evidence base is a crucial step towards getting more Australians eating a handful of nuts, every day!

Nuts for Life - Nuts and weight management report

The body of evidence, spanning decades, convincingly shows that nuts are a key nutrient-dense food within healthy dietary patterns, with an impressive range of health benefits. And regular nut consumption does not adversely affect weight – and in fact, may help with weight management.

Despite this, most Australians aren’t eating enough nuts, with just two per cent meeting the target of a healthy handful a day. For a lot of people, it’s fear of weight gain that’s stopping them.

Armed with this new evidence, health professionals can be confident in recommending a daily handful (30g) of nuts, as a simple strategy towards improved health, that does not adversely affect weight.

Presentation slides:

Learn more about the evidence from these presentation slides by Professor Alison Coates, from the University of South Australia, on ‘Nut consumption and weight management: Proposed mechanisms and evidence’ (developed for a health professional audience, in March 2024).

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