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The health story for tree nuts continues to gain momentum following new research. Once a slimmer’s foe, nuts are well and truly back on the weight-loss menu. To check out the latest evidence, download our new report, Nuts and the Big Fat Myth.

Our website aims to educate lovers of nuts about the latest research on why we should include nuts regularly in our diet.

Nuts every day can reduce your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, but also help manage cholesterol, diabetes and body weight. Yes, high-fat foods can help manage weight. So it’s time to stop being fat-phobic and instead ditch the low-fat diet. A successful weight management diet doesn’t mean avoiding the foods you love like nuts. So get cracking and enjoy a tasty, crunchy handful today.

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Nut Videos

The NEJM Original Article, "Association of Nut Consumption with Total and Cause-Specific Mortality," is summarized in an NEJM Quick Take.

Healthy Cooking and Eating Well – Macadamia Nuts, with Food Coach Judy Davie (YouTube)

Matt O’Neill shows how eating nuts helps you lose weight in three ways. (YouTube)

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Nut storage & handling tips

Nuts in shell

For best quality, select clean nuts free from cracks and holes. Nuts in the shell should be heavy for their size, indicating a fresh kernel.

Nut kernels

Crisp, plump and meaty kernels indicate high quality. Unless you plan to use kernels as a garnish, they do not need to be uniform in size.

Once home, remove nuts from plastic bags and store them properly as indicated below.

How to store

To keep nuts in the best condition, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer. Nuts can be refrigerated up to 4 months and frozen up to 6 months.