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Enjoy a healthy handful of nuts every day.

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We’re going nuts for nuts this World Diabetes Day!
Current diabetes guidelines, across the globe, promote healthy plant-based dietary patterns, like the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet, for managing type 2 diabetes. 

The good news for nut lovers? These tiny nutrient powerhouses are integral in each of these healthy dietary patterns! 

This World Diabetes Day (but really, every day!) add a handful of nuts (that’s around 30g) to:
✔ Yoghurt and muesli
✔ Fresh salads 
✔ Frittatas
✔ Curries and stir fries
✔ Roasted veges 

Or simply enjoy them as a nutrient-rich and filling snack on their own. 🌱🌰
For more on nuts and diabetes, and for our Nutty Granola recipe, head to the link in our bio.

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We’re celebrating Nut Day! Today (but, really - every day) let’s celebrate these tiny nutritional powerhouses, and the inspiring industry that produces them 🥳

Seven ways to add crunchy nuts to your day:

🌰 Add nuts to your morning muesli, yoghurt or fruit, or sprinkle over toast toppings
🌰 Make a batch of pancakes, using nut meal or flour, and top with fruit and nuts
🌰 Serve nuts with a weekend fruit and cheese platter
🌰 Keep a container of nuts in your car, bag or drawer for quick snack
🌰 Blend nuts into smoothies, made of milk, yoghurt and fruit
🌰 Include nuts in salads, stir-fries, curries, pastas and risottos
🌰 Coat fish or chicken with blitzed nuts before cooking, for a crunchy crust

For more Nut Day inspo, head to the link in our bio 👆
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