Do nuts contain sugar?

Yes, nuts naturally contain sugar. Whilst not really thought of as an inherently sugary food, nuts naturally contain a small amount of sugar (around 2-6g/100g) in the form sucrose. Nuts contain natural sugars and depending on the nut variety, contain between 2.1 and 5.9g sugars per 100g. Pistachios contain the most sugar (5.9g/100g) and Brazil … Continue reading Do nuts contain sugar?

Can people with diabetes eat nuts?

Absolutely. Regularly eating nuts can help manage existing diabetes and diabetes-related complications, as well as reducing the risk of developing diabetes. Research shows that nuts lowers HbA1c and blood glucose levels [1]. Research shows that nuts play an important role in preventing type 2 diabetes [2], managing existing diabetes and preventing or reducing the progression … Continue reading Can people with diabetes eat nuts?

Can nuts help me live longer?

Yes, eating nuts every day can help you live longer! Regularly eating nuts can reduce the risk of developing certain conditions, and can also lower the risk of dying prematurely. Researchers recently pulled together the data from 20 studies, involving more than 800,000 people, from around the world [1]. They concluded that a handful of … Continue reading Can nuts help me live longer?

Are nuts anti-inflammatory?

Yes, nuts are anti-inflammatory. Nuts contain many bioactive components that may favourably act on inflammation.  This may partly explain their effect on reducing the risk of diseases that are linked with chronic inflammation (such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease) and, more recently, their positive effect on brain health. What is inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s … Continue reading Are nuts anti-inflammatory?

Nuts: how do they reduce diabetes

Prof Joan Sabate from Loma Linda University US visited Australia in March 2013 and Nuts for Life asked him a series of questions about the health benefits of nuts.

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