Tree nuts are a delicious, nutrient-dense whole food, which can be an important part of a healthy diet. However, for people allergic to tree nuts, completely avoiding tree nuts is the only way to manage your allergy as, currently, there is no cure. To safely manage your allergy, it’s important to recognise tree nuts in their various forms and know which foods contain them.

Tree nuts can be found in many different foods. They may appear whole (the kernel) or in a variety of forms. Download our fact sheets for information on managing your allergy.

Managing your tree nut allergy

  • Look for your allergen in the ingredients list, and for precautionary allergen labelling on packaging. Check each time you purchase as manufacturing practices can change.
  • Don’t rely on menu descriptions when ordering foods and drinks at restaurants. Disclose your allergy, and ask about ingredients, preparation, and cross‑contamination risks.
  • Check for tree nuts ‘hidden’ in foods, such as meals or flours, butters, essences, milks, and oils.
  • If you only need to avoid some tree nuts, consider buying other nuts in shell to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Take care with cosmetics and skin creams as they sometimes contain tree nut products.

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