Let’s talk nuts!

Dietitian Caroline Salisbury recently joined ABC Radio’s Adam Shirley to speak to two Australian nutgrowers. Learn more about growing nuts, storing tips, plus some other interesting nut facts. Listen here:

Children’s health research

The body of evidence about nuts and children’s health continues to grow, with new local and international research papers regularly published. Body of evidence Association of nuts and unhealthy snacks with subclinical atherosclerosis among children and adolescents with overweight and obesity. (2019)Participants with the highest nut intake had nearly 60% lower risk of high cIMT, … Continue reading Children’s health research

Nuts and health handbook

Following the fantastic response to our 2019 handbook, we’re excited to release this new 2020 edition. Packed with new research, recipes, our latest resources, and 2019’s most asked questions, it’s everything you need to arm yourself for the year. Help support your patients with succinct, trustworthy information at your fingertips. Review our previous handbooks Nuts … Continue reading Nuts and health handbook

General health research

The body of evidence about nuts and health continues to grow, with new local and international research papers regularly published. Key studies: systematic reviews and meta-analyses Food groups and intermediate disease markers: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomized trials. (2018).A recent meta-analysis provides evidence that an increased intake of nuts, legumes and wholegrains … Continue reading General health research

Webinar: Nuts, nutrients and better health

Missed out on our recent webinar? Dr. Elizabeth Neale, University of Wollongong presented the results of a recent re-analysis of the Australian Health Survey (AHS) data exploring the relationship of nut consumption vs. non-nut consumption on nutrient intakes and anthropometric data. Nutrition scientist, Dr. Flavia Fayet-Moore revealed the results of some exciting research about the … Continue reading Webinar: Nuts, nutrients and better health

Nuts and weight

Because nuts are an energy dense food with a high fat content, there is a widespread perception that eating nuts causes weight gain.But decades of research show that this is not true. Nuts are actually associated with a decreased  risk of being overweight or obese, and regularly eating nuts reduces body weight, body mass index … Continue reading Nuts and weight

Nuts and diabetes

Research shows that nuts play an important role in preventing type 2 diabetes [1], managing existing diabetes [2], and preventing or reducing the progression of diabetes-related complications [2].Eating just one handful of nuts four times a week is associated with a 13% reduced risk of developing diabetes [1], and nuts can improve blood glucose levels … Continue reading Nuts and diabetes

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