Where are nuts grown?

Tree nuts are grown all over the world, and most types are grown here in Australia. Tree nuts have been commercially grown in Australia for more than 100 years, with productivity increasing. The only nuts that aren’t grown at all in Australia are Brazil nuts, as they need the rainforests of the Amazon to grow. … Continue reading Where are nuts grown?

Plant-based diets and COVID-19

It’s no secret that a healthy, diverse plant-based diet can support a healthy immune system. And now, research is emerging on how this may impact COVID-19 (1). A new paper, in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, highlights some recent studies in this area: A large survey, of more than 592,000 UK- and US-based adults, … Continue reading Plant-based diets and COVID-19

How to boost dietary diversity

Australia’s Dietary Guidelines recommend we ‘enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods’ every day (1). And they’re not alone! Across the globe, improving dietary diversity is widely recognised as a vital part of healthy diets. A varied diet can help meet nutrient needs and reduce the risk of major chronic diseases (like cardiovascular disease, type … Continue reading How to boost dietary diversity

Can the Med Diet fight inflammation?

Diet and lifestyle choices go a long way towards managing chronic inflammation. But can the Med Diet fight inflammation? And if so, how? An ‘anti-inflammatory diet’ is widely considered to be an eating pattern that emphasises plant-based foods, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains. The Mediterranean Diet (Med Diet) is one … Continue reading Can the Med Diet fight inflammation?

Nuts for sport and fitness

Whether you’re a recreational athlete, weekend warrior, social player or an ultra-endurance athlete, your body needs adequate fuel to perform at its best! It’s no secret that eating a balanced diet – made up of a range of nutritious foods, in the right amounts – fuels exercise training and promotes muscle growth and repair. But … Continue reading Nuts for sport and fitness

Plant-forward pairings

Going ‘plant-forward’ is all about prioritising plant-based foods in your everyday diet (1-3). Health experts agree that eating more plants (that’s nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, legumes, soy and whole grains) is vital for good health. But how do you best pair such foods for nutritionally-rounded and tasty meals? We’ve broken down the steps to plant-forward … Continue reading Plant-forward pairings

Nut Day infographics

Celebrate all things nuts on Nut Day (22 October). These nutritional powerhouses are essential for good health. Our sharable infographics explain why. Happy #NutDay2021! Save the date Let’s celebrate Happy Nut Day Nuts are essential Nut nutrients We need to eat more nuts Nuts for good health

Episode 10 – Mediterranean dietary pattern

August 2021. About this episode: The largely plant-based Mediterranean diet is a well-studied dietary pattern. Research tells us that following a Mediterranean dietary pattern (MDP) can significantly reduce the risk of overall mortality, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Despite the convincing evidence for its benefits, it’s not clear whether this dietary pattern is actually … Continue reading Episode 10 – Mediterranean dietary pattern

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