Top 10 Nut FAQs

We answer your top 10 most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about nuts, and bust some nut myths along the way!  Should you avoid nuts if you’re trying to lose weight? No. Decades of research shows that regularly eating nuts is not linked with weight gain. Eating a handful of nuts (30g) each day can actually … Continue reading Top 10 Nut FAQs

Nuts and allergy

Tree nut and peanut allergies are relatively common and some evidence suggests that they are increasing. Although botanically unrelated, tree nut and peanut allergies commonly co-exist. Reactions to tree nuts, similar to peanuts, can be life-threatening and may occur with very small doses. For this reason, people with a nut allergy (or any other food … Continue reading Nuts and allergy

Can nuts help me sleep?

Melatonin, magnesium and selenium have all been linked with getting a better night’s sleep – and nuts contain all three! Melatonin: Nuts are a top source A review paper, which looked at the melatonin content of a large number of foods, found nuts have the highest melatonin content of all plant foods (1). And pistachios, … Continue reading Can nuts help me sleep?

Episode 3 – Activating nuts

January 2021. About this episode: The debate on whether you need to activate nuts has been around for a while. Supporters claim that activating (or soaking) nuts increases the availability of the nutrients in nuts by reducing phytate levels. Phytates have been referred to as nutrient ‘inhibitors’, as they can bind with certain nutrients and … Continue reading Episode 3 – Activating nuts

Episode 2 – Creativity in the kitchen with dietitian Rebecca Gawthorne

Clever ways to enjoy nuts – in cooking, snacking and even . . . Christmas decorating. December 2020. About this episode: We talk with dietitian Rebecca Gawthorne about why there’s so much to love about nuts and how you can incorporate them into just about anything – from morning smoothies, to nut butters, to fish … Continue reading Episode 2 – Creativity in the kitchen with dietitian Rebecca Gawthorne

Plant and nut protein and health

A body of evidence tells us that eating patterns in which plants take centre stage are associated with lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease (CVD), hypertension, obesity, metabolic syndrome and all-cause mortality (1). Taking this a step further, research suggests a reduced risk of disease when protein comes from plants, such as … Continue reading Plant and nut protein and health

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