Nuts and gut health

Introduction The gut microbiome (the community of different bacteria in the intestine) is an increasingly popular area of study among researchers and is now believed to impact on the development of chronic diseases, such as obesity. It is estimated that around 100 trillion micro-organisms colonise the gut, which are thought to alter in type and … Continue reading Nuts and gut health

Can nuts help me live longer?

Yes, eating nuts every day can help you live longer! Regularly eating nuts can reduce the risk of developing certain conditions, and can also lower the risk of dying prematurely. Researchers recently pulled together the data from 20 studies, involving more than 800,000 people, from around the world [1]. They concluded that a handful of … Continue reading Can nuts help me live longer?

Nuts and weight management

Dr Richard Mattes, of Purdue University US, explains how nuts help with weight management during his Australian visit for the International Dietetics Congress in 2012.

Nuts and weight loss

In 2012 Prof Jordi Salas Salvado and Dr Emilio Ros, famed researchers from the PREDIMED Mediterranean diet study, visited Australia for the International Dietetics Congress. They were interviewed about the role of nuts in a healthy diet and in the PREDIMED study.

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